Team Tawagoto (戯言)

I am excited to be a shit coach, freed from fear. Together we grow with the help of others who acknowledge that they are also shit.

VISION STAtEMENT OF Team Tawagato (“TEAM SHIT”), August 23, 2019.

Our Shitty Team

  • Alex
  • Andrea
  • Andrew
  • Dan
  • Jo
  • Martin
  • Sally
  • Venky


Shit Master, Poop Owner, Team.

The Poop Backlog

  1. Accepting our Shit
  2. OK being Shit
  3. Creating Movement
  4. Examining our Shit
  5. Owning our Shit
  6. Calling Bullshit (stretch)


Narrative coaching with Rory’s story cubes.

Each of us received one-on-one narrative coaching from another team member. We each told the story of a recent time when we were a shit coach, in order to begin to accept our shit and to be ok with our shit. We also looked for patterns in our shit.

  • HELP

Some photos of our experience:


And here are the artifacts for the SPRINT ONE Review!



Bezant (?) exercise to create movement.

Outcome: Each of us left with a list of questions and/or other notes generated to help us with our shit.

Procedure: We each took our turn in the hot seat (shit seat?) facing the group Another member of the group acted as facilitator, guiding the process and keeping time. We also rotated the facilitator role, with everyone having the opportunity to facilitate.

  1. [3 minutes] The person in the hot seat reflects on their experience as the recipient of narrative coaching in sprint one. They suggest to the group the kind of questions that they would value from the wider group.
  2. [8 minutes] Group members ask questions of the member in the hot seat, with no prescribed turn-taking. Hot seat person listens, perhaps takes a note (e.g. recording the question or something it inspires), optionally asks for clarification (but otherwise does not respond verbally), and says “thank-you” to the questioner when they are ready to move on to another question.
  3. [3 minutes] The person in the hot seat tells the group which questions were most resonant, and also what question was not asked that they would have liked to have been asked.
  4. Wild, appreciative applause.

Notes from the sprint 2 retro

  • We’re not at all depressed, but the other teams seem to think we are.
    We’re encountering a form of creative hopelessness (a good thing!)
  • Equal voice is serving us well
  • We’ve bonded and got to know each other
  • We feel safe
  • We seem to have fallen into flow without explicitly trying


  1. Responsibility card preparation (singly, or in pairs)
  2. Ritual Dissent around our cards
  3. Wine tasting